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According to Huawei, Mate 10 is not a Smart Phone!

Huawei’s newest and most ambitious model of the world’s leading smartphone maker, Mate 10, is not a phone, according to the new promotional film.
As the remaining days of the event to be held in Germany on October 16 are reduced, we are excited about the device. Huawei also started to broadcast the promotional films on the grounds that it was so brief to advertise the device.

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A short video on Twitter, Huawei clearly says, “This is not a smart phone.” We are also wondering about this, what is this Mate 10? The answer of the firm; “an intelligent machine”.

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As you can see from Video, the whole focus of the device is on artificial intelligence. Huawei’s walk to customers over the use of this event as a marketing strategy seems nice when we consider the concept of this video. The device has Kirin 970 processor as you know from the previous news. This processor has a proprietary neural processing unit like the Apple A11 Bionic chip and allows artificial intelligence to work on the device.

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