How to manually install EMUI & Magic UI Theme in Huawei or Honor Phones?
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How to add a theme my Huawei?

Many smartphones with Android operating system have theme features. With this feature, you can save your phone from the cliché image. How to install Huawei themes for us Huawei Themes? we will talk about this… This narration will be both with text, video and visual.

Actually it’s a very simple logic. You will move the file with the HWT extension you downloaded from our site to the folder that should be from the “files” application. Let’s explain this simple process…

How do I add a theme?

  • Download the theme suitable for your version of EMUI you want from our site.
    • The file you downloaded should have the extension .hwt (Huawei theme).
  • Then find the downloaded .hwt file in the file manager. (It is usually located in the Downloads folder.)
  • Copy or move the .hwt (blabla.hwt) file you downloaded in the file manager.
  • Copy or paste the file into Huawei’s theme folder.
    • “You can paste it directly into the HWThemes folder. If there is no such folder, enter the Huawei folder then paste it into the Themes folder.”

Let’s do this way with screenshots

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How to add a theme my Huawei? ScreenShots

If it still doesn’t, try with video narration.

How to add a theme my Huawei? Video Narration

In the video narration, there is the folder HWThemes, but if your device does not have such a folder, enter the Huawei folder and paste the .hwt extension in the Themes folder. Now that we have learned to download and install the EMUI theme, let’s try some themes.

EMUI 10 Themes:

You may like this EMUI theme:  Christmas Day Theme for EMUI 5.0/5.1

EMUI 9.1/9.0 Themes:

You may like this EMUI theme:  Xmas In Paper Theme for EMUI 5.0/5.1 Minimalist Theme!

If you’re still having trouble with this, contact us by commenting…

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