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Honor 8 Pro Theme for EMUI 5.0/5.1


Huawei Honor phones keep their place in mid-segment order, try new ventures with Honor 8 Pro There are differences in details such as theme icons and wallpaper used by Huawei on this phone. However, as a result, EMUI 5.0 / 5.1.

The icons are stylish with flat icons placed on a white frame and our background offers a different look to the user experience with a darker image. I tried, but I can not tell you it’s a theme I like.

– White frame minimal icon
– Changed navbar
– Changed Status bar and notifications panel looking
– Changed wallpapers
and more..

How do I add a theme?
– Click on the download button below.
– Find the “HWT” extension (blabla.hwt) you downloaded from the download site.
– Copy or move the theme file you find in the file manager
– Copy or move the folder HWThemes.
–> Click the button below to download this theme.

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