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Google alerts, it’s dangerous! YouTube and Gmail on new Huawei and Honor smartphones..

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This is the first true position of Google on the new Huawei and Honor smartphones, those launched after 16 May 2019, that is after the US government (due to a specific ban) has no longer allowed the giant Big G to “certify” new hardware for the Chinese manufacturer. In an official note issued just a few hours ago, the Mountain View company has clarified its position towards old and new hardware of the widespread brand, also triggering an alarm on the danger of continuing to use Google services such as YouTube and Gmail on devices where there is actually no authorization.

Google says and so far there is really nothing new that all Huawei smartphones launched before May 2019, at least for the moment, will continue to enjoy the support of services related to the Android world, therefore also of the Play Store and updates of security needed to correct more or less important threats. Therefore, those who own a device prior to the date already reported have nothing to fear.

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Well other perspectives are to be clarified for the latest Huawei and Honor smartphones, that is, those launched after the fateful date of mid-May. All these devices are not Play Protect certified and therefore they are not subjected to a rigorous review and compatibility test process performed by Google. Mountain View cannot therefore provide any assurance that the new hardware will protect customers’ personal data and not expose them to risks.

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A special study should be dedicated to Google apps such as YouTube and Gmail mainly which more than a few new owners of new Huawei smartphones proceed to upload to their phone in “sideload”. The practice should not be perpetuated as explained directly by Tristan Ostrowski, i.e. legal director for Android and Google Play. The operation could seriously endanger users’ privacy as these services are no longer “Play Protect” certified for the Chinese manufacturer’s phones. In a nutshell and not even too much between the lines, Big G has warned its customers, making it clear that any use of these tools will certainly be forced and unauthorized. Individual users will therefore decide for themselves the danger to be run or not.

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