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Cooperation; Huawei and TUV Rheinland

Huawei Consumer Business Group, collaborated with TUV Rheinland to approve Huawei’s supercharging technology. The certification demonstrates for the first time that end-to-end fast charging technology has successfully completed rigorous testing by renowned security experts.

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Tests conducted under the TUV Rheinland certification cover all components such as safety, low temperature thermal shock, adapters, IC circuits and charge line material used in Huawei supercharging technology. Huawei shows the importance of continuing his mission to present the most innovative features in the market by applying to the meticulous oversight of the TUV Rheinland, and of providing safety as well as speed.

Kalyan Varma, Vice President, Electrical Products, TUV Rheinland Global Business Area; “In the past 145 years, TUV Rheinland has devoted itself to meeting the rigorous safety standards of complex devices and products that meet consumer expectations. Along with the growing demand for fast charging solutions, we are pleased to work with Huawei to certify Super Charging technology using our proven test methods and battery expertise. In our innovative approach, we must always keep consumer safety in the forefront, “he said.

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Huawei Consumer Business Group Vice President of Hand Devices Bruce Li; “With each product we aim not only to offer the features and performance that consumers seek, but also to go beyond the level of experience of our competitors.” Working with valued experts from TUV Rheinland, we can offer a device that does not only offer incredible quick charging, but at the same time with a safety guarantee that our competitors can not afford. said.

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Huawei’s Super Charging technology provides uninterrupted communication between the device and the charger. This technology monitors each point of the charging cycle and automatically adjusts the voltage and current output to maximize the charge rate according to the capacity of the phone, adapter and cable. Huawei uses a 4.5V / 5A low-voltage charging solution to prevent Huawei’s supercharged devices from getting warmed. In addition, the connectors and charger in the Huawei devices are programmed to automatically stop the power supply in contact with the water. This intelligent protection also prevents the device from flaming while avoiding short circuits.

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