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Huawei P11 Plus with you!

Huawei, one of the foremost producers in the technology sector, was caught up in the camera with the new model. Here is Huawei P11 Plus, which makes it impossible for anyone to design without framing.

Huawei P11 Plus did not carry the fingerprint sensor behind despite thin frames
The high display case ratio, which is shown as the indispensable feature of newly produced smartphones, also brought with it some problems. One of these was no longer on the front of the fingerprint sensor.

huawei-2 Other

While the fingerprint sensor to be integrated into the screen has not yet provided the desired efficiency, Huawei succeeded in keeping both the thin frames and the fingerprint sensor at the front in the new model.

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Although it is open to debate, the fingerprint sensor, which is more useful at the front, is positioned at the front of the model that is claimed to be the Huawei P11 Plus. On the upper side are the front camera, handset and sensors.

huawei-p11-plus-1-768x515-2 Other

When we look at the back side, the iPhone 7 Plus design welcomes us, while the double camera, the u-shaped antenna stripes and the “Auroro” letter are remarkable. It is alleged that this model may belong to the Huawei Nova series.

huawei-p11-plus-5-2 Other

In the case of USB Type C, the headphone jack is not used. While there is no information about the technical features, there is also an IR blaster-like point on the top of the model.

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