Huawei operating system name becomes clear, Huawei operating system patent appeared

Huawei, whose all agreements were suspended, announced recently that it is working on a new operating system. Huawei operating system name appeared with the application of the company.

According to the information released at the beginning of last week, the Chinese company was shared with the public to develop its own operating system by completely removing all the core structures of Android. Many guesses on this statement became the name of the new operating system. It is expected that speculation will be cut along with a patent application released today.

As a result of the application made by Huawei to the National Intellectual Property Center, it turned out that the company made an application for the company’s brand name. US and Google’s sanctions on the agenda of the application made by the company, Huawei Ark OS, Arc, Ark OS and Huawei Ark brand names are seen. 

It is highly likely that the company that uses an alternative to Android, which has the most users in the world, will use one of these names.

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