Inmaterial Dark Theme v2.0 for EMUI 4.0/4.1 5.0/5.1

Inmaterial Dark Theme v2.0 for EMUI 4.0/4.1 5.0/5.1

Info:– Base Theme: Pilgrim– Support for EMUI 4/4.1/5/5.1

Inmaterial Dark Theme v2.0
– Webly Sleek Italic font (on EMUI 5/5.1 only work in English language).
– New wallpapers.
– New Status Bar
– Navigation Bar exclusively for the Theme.
– New Google Search Bar
– Improved Call app
– Fixed distorted wallpaper when apply theme (EMUI 4/4.1)
– Fixed bugs in Call app (EMUI 4/4.1)
– Fixed bugs in Gallery app (EMUI 4/4.1)
– The native Huawei Music app now plays full screen on the lock screen (and of course, it supports notifications/only EMUI 5/5.1).
– New Files app for EMUI 4.x
– Icon Mask and shortcuts exclusively for the Theme.
– Dark style in some apps (WhatsApp, YouTube, SDMaid, Google+, Greenify, etc.)
– New lock screen for EMUI 4/4.1 (thanks and credits to Gerardo Carbajal).
– Etc. (discover it for yourself)



FOR EMUI 4.0/4.1;



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